Outlawed Fire Fighting Foams

We were recently advised that as of the end of January 2018 all fluorinated foams used in fire suppression systems in South Australia are prohibited from use.

Wireless Fire Detection – it is now possible!

Earlier this year we were contacted by Anson consulting to help install a fire detection system into a large house that was being renovated to be a winery tasting room and accommodation.

Confined Spaces – Are you prepared?

Confined spaces exist in many workplaces and can be lethal if not controlled properly.  This article will outline some facts about confined spaces and how they should be managed.

Storz Letter

SAMFS Storz coupling requirement letter

What the Storz is going on?

Changes to hydrants, what the Storz is going on? Read about the SAMFS requirement for upgrading hydrants.

The Smelter Café needed a fire extinguisher, Do you?

The Smelter Café is a small café in the seaside town of Wallaroo. Within the Café they have a fire extinguisher that we regularly service for them. The Smelter Café is locally owned and run. It employs 6 people. On Friday the 9th of May 2017 there was an unexpected...

What type of Fire Extinguisher do I need?

In this modern world we still don’t have a fire extinguisher that can put out every type of fire. For many of you reading this the idea that there are different types of fire is a new concept – isn’t fire just fire? No its not, it’s a little more complicated than...