Warden, Evacuation & Fire Training

The Work Health & Safety Regulations (SA) 2012 Division 4 – Emergency Plans, Clause 43 – Duty to Prepare, Implement and Maintain Emergency Plans state that “a person conducting a business … must ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace, that provides … an effective response to an emergency”.

This is a requirement, not an option! Failure to comply can result in fines of up to $30,000 being issued to the business and fines of $6,000 to an individual.

Compliance with Australian Standard AS 3745 Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for Buildings, Structures and Workplaces guarantees compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations. This Standard requires the development of two main documents:

Emergency Plan – a set of procedures that document the response to be taken to a range of foreseeable emergencies such as fire, bomb threat, personal injury, personal threat etc.

Evacuation Diagrams – diagrams displayed at prominent locations that outlines the evacuation paths and summarises the response by staff and visitors when evacuating the workplace.

Fire & Emergency Services SA can assist in preparing both of these documents.

Section 3 – Education and Training of AS 3745 provides a comprehensive list of the expected training that is required. The following is a summary of the training requirements.

  • The members of the Emergency Control Organisation who coordinate the response to an emergency require specific training, often called Warden Training. This Warden Training outlines their roles, responsibilities and procedures for responding to an emergency. Initial formal training is required of all Wardens. For skill retention refresher training, in the form of exercises / drills, should be conducted at least every 6 months. We recommend that the formal training be repeated every 2 years.
  • All new staff and contractors should undertake an emergency briefing when they start in a workplace. This training includes their expected response to an emergency and how to evacuate the workplace. For skills retention this should be refreshed every year. This is best done through an evacuation exercise / drill.

Fire & Emergency Services SA can assist in preparing a training program and conducting the required training.