Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are used to supply water to the Fire Service if they are fighting a fire on your site.

South Australian regulations typically only require fire hydrants to be installed in buildings where there is insufficient coverage from street fire hydrants or where the building area is greater than 500 square metres.

Fire hydrants should be located around a building so that no internal part of the building is further than 70 metres from a hydrant.

Fire & Emergency Services SA can undertake a FREE review of your site and advise if you are likely to require fire hydrants and where they should be located. The final number and location of fire hydrants should be approved by the relevant Council and Fire Service.

Once installed fire hydrants should be regularly maintained. The minimum maintenance requirements as documented in South Australian legislation and regulations are:

  • monthly inspection for damage and that the hydrant is clear of obstructions
  • annual test for the presence of water
  • 3 yearly overhaul and flow test to ensure that there is adequate water flow for firefighting purposes
  • 6 yearly pressure test to ensure that the pipework is sound and will not leak when being used by the fire service

It should be noted that due to funding constraints many sites require a 6 monthly inspection instead of the monthly inspection. If this occurs it is recommended that on-site staff inspect the hydrant every month for damage and to ensure that it is clear of obstructions.

The maintenance of fire hydrants can only be undertaken by a competent person. All of the service technicians at Fire & Emergency Services SA are trained in the servicing of fire hydrants and are independently accredited. It is recommended that only companies, such as Fire & Emergency Services SA, that are recognised businesses under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) be used to maintain your fire hydrants.