Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps are used to supply water to Fire Sprinkler or Fire Hydrant Systems where there is insufficient water flow provided by the town’s water mains.

The pumps can draw water from the town’s water main or from tanks.

The fire pumps can be driven by an electric motor or diesel motor. In many cases there is one of each.
Once installed Fire Pumps should be regularly maintained. The minimum maintenance requirements as documented in South Australian legislation and regulations are:

  • Weekly test to ensure that each pump starts when required
  • Pump service in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements, usually annually
  • 3 yearly overhaul of pump valves

The maintenance of fire pumps can only be undertaken by a competent person. All of the service technicians at Fire & Emergency Services SA are trained in the servicing of fire pumps and are independently accredited. It is recommended that only companies, such as Fire & Emergency Services SA, that are recognised businesses under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) be used to maintain your fire pumps.