Fire & Smoke Doors

Fire and Smoke Doors are used to enable pedestrians and vehicles to move through fire walls. Fire walls are used to reduce the effective size of a building by dividing it into smaller compartments.

Fire and Smoke doors are either held closed with an automatic door closer or held open and automatically released when smoke is detected by a fire detection system.

Once installed fire and smoke doors should be regularly maintained. The minimum maintenance requirements as documented in South Australian legislation and regulations are:

  • monthly inspection to ensure that the door is in its default position and will close if held open
  • annual inspection of door condition
  • annual inspection of fire walls

Due to funding constraints some sites undertake the monthly inspection of fire and smoke doors themselves where they are automatically held closed with a door closer.

The maintenance of fire and smoke doors and walls can only be undertaken by a competent person. All of the service technicians at Fire & Emergency Services SA are trained in the servicing of fire and smoke doors and walls and are independently accredited. It is recommended that only companies, such as Fire & Emergency Services SA, that are recognised businesses under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) be used to maintain your fire and smoke doors and walls.