Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are first attack fire equipment used to supplement fire extinguishers. They are designed to be used to extinguish a small wood/paper based fire or to contain a fire while an area is evacuated.

They should not be used on fires involving electricity, cooking fats or petrol/oil.

South Australian regulations typically only require fire hose reels to be installed in buildings greater than 500 square metres.

Fire hose reels should be located within 4 metres of an exit from the building and be no further than 40 metres from any part of the building.

Fire & Emergency Services SA can undertake a FREE review of your site and advise if you require hose reels and where they should be located.

Once installed fire hose reels should be regularly maintained. The minimum maintenance requirements as documented in South Australian legislation and regulations are:

  • 6 monthly test
  • Annual test where the hose is fully unwound.

The maintenance of fire hose reels can only be undertaken by a competent person. All of the service technicians at Fire & Emergency Services SA are trained in the servicing of fire hose reels and are independently accredited. It is recommended that only companies, such as Fire & Emergency Services SA, that are recognised businesses under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) be used to maintain your fire equipment.

All staff should be trained in the operation of fire hose reels. Fire & Emergency Services SA can provide a short (1.5 hour) course that will ensure all your staff know how to use fire hose reels in an emergency.