COVID-19 Fire Maintenance Decision Model

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are a number of constraints on getting the fire equipment maintained in your building. At Fire & Emergency Services SA we use the following decision making model to help.

Our goal is to achieve as close to possible 100% compliance with the standards, however there are two factors influencing this, they are Access and Risk.

Access refers to how easy it is for us to get into the building to undertake the testing. For some buildings we have full access and therefore full compliance can be achieved. While in other buildings we might have no easy access, such as a café that has closed due to the Government restrictions. In this case the second factor guides our decision.

Risk refers to an assessment of both the likelihood and consequence of a fire in your building. For an apartment building the risk has increased and full compliance is required. While in our café that is closed the risk is low and therefore the maintenance of the fire extinguishers might be postponed until the café is about to open again.

The following video explains how this model can be used to guide you in deciding if and when you should reduce the compliance of your fire protection equipment.

If you need assistance in deciding what fire equipment can be postponed contact our office on 08 8262 9245.

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