You’re getting a new ASE – AGAIN!

The other day we were at a seminar presented by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia regarding the new ASEs. (an ASE is the Alarm Signalling Equipment that communicates an alarm from your fire panel or sprinkler system to the fire service)
Due to the NBN roll out the Dial IP used by your ASE is being shut down.
5 years ago you paid nearly $3,000 for the new equipment. Good news, this upgrade will not cost you anything extra!
Telstra spoke about how the new ASE’s will be owned by them. The current line rental that you are paying will cover the cost of the new mobile SIM’s and the ASE device. This includes repair of any faults with the ASE.

If you are a client of Fire & Emergency Services SA then we will be in contact with you shortly to talk about what you need to do to change over your ASE.

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