Ready, Set … FIRE – A new resource to help you manage your fire maintenance


Did you know:

  • There are Nearly 100 fires every week in South Australian
  • Poor Fire Protection Maintenance is a contributing factor to nearly all fire deaths and major incidents!
  • There are no resources to simplify this process for industry outsiders!

This is the reason why our Managing Director, Alan Short wrote a book called “Ready, Set… FIRE; How to get Ready, Set-up and Manage Fire Maintenance”.

If you manage the fire protection maintenance contract for a building then this book is designed for you.  You could be a Strata and Community Corporation Manager, Facility Manager, Maintenance Manager or Business Owner that establishes and controls the fire maintenance contractor.

The book is divided into 4 main sections each containing a number of chapters.

  • Background – this introduction and a summary of the legislative requirements for fire protection maintenance.
  • Get READY – How to prepare a brief/scope of works and getting a quotation for the brief. This is the important starting point that is often missed.
  • Get SET – Evaluating the quotations and setting up the maintenance contract so that it starts properly.
  • Manage the FIRE protection contract – This section discussed the most effective way of managing the ongoing fire protection maintenance contact.

Don’t leave the fire safety in buildings you manage to chance.  This book contains the strategies and tactics you need to minimise risk associated with fire in the buildings you manage.

Click this link to download you free copy of chapter 7, Preparing a brief.  This chapter covers:

  • Data collection, knowing what you have to be included in the brief
  • Collating the brief, a simple method to create one page brief for even the most complicated sites.

If you would like a copy of the whole book email your contact details to with the subject “FREE BOOK” and we ill send you out a copy of “Ready, Set… FIRE; How to get Ready, Set-up and Manage Fire Maintenance”.


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