NEW book – A Practical Guide to Emergency Planning

The Strata Communities Association (SCA) South Australian branch one day conference at the Glenelg Golf Course in August our Managing Director, Alan Short launched his newest book “A Practical Guide to Emergency Planning: Plan, Train, Threat, Response … SURVIVE”.

Alan wrote this book with Nick Grice, the SA and NT Regional Manager for First 5 Minutes. First 5 Minutes are the leaders in emergency planning and training nationally.

We wrote this book for Facility Managers, Body Corporate Managers and Property Managers who are integral in the establishment and implementation of Emergency Plans. This book is a practical guide that will help you:

  • Understand why you require an Emergency Plan in the buildings that you manage
  • Understand the structure of an Emergency Plan
  • Understand what the key components of an Emergency Plan
  • Understand the training requirements for the:
    • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC),
    • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) e.g. Wardens
    • Staff and occupants of a building
  • Understand the types of threats that need to be considered in preparing the Emergency Plan including:
    • Human related emergencies and threats
    • Technological threats
    • Natural disasters
  • Understand how natural human behaviour and training can impact on the response to an emergency.
  • Understand what you can do to ensure that all occupants of the building that you manage survive an emergency

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