Fire Fighters Toolkit – What Is It?

There are three parts to the response to a fire in a building or workplace.

The first is a reaction to the fire while it is still small by the on-site staff or tenants. If this occurs well then the fire is extinguished before any real damage is done. It is estimated that there are over 100 building fires each week in South Australia. Most of these go unreported as they are dealt with using reactive tools like fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels.

The second is to evacuate the building. This is facilitated by fire alarms and occupant warning systems that alert people to the need to evacuate. In 2018 there was the fire at the Thomas Foods Murray Bridge Abattoirs. While the fire destroyed the building the evacuation procedures ensured that everyone got out of the building safely. No doubt their systems and procedures saved lives.

And the third part is the operational response by Fire Fighters. The Fire Fighters can respond in two ways depending upon the adequacy of the facilities on the site in question. If the sprinkler system, alarm system and hydrant systems all work then the Fire Fighters can look at containing the fire and minimising damage to the business, home or property. If these systems don’t work then the Fire Fighters can only stop the fire from spreading to neighboring properties. Which would you prefer?

Our hope is that the Fire Fighters Tools that we provide and maintain will never be required, but if they are required we work hard to ensure that they are going to work as planned and save lives, property, homes and businesses.

Stay Safe!

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