What fire equipment do I need?

It is hard to give a generic answer to this question. As a minimum each building needs fire extinguishers, exit and emergency lighting.To find out what you might need please give us a call for a no obligation site review. If you want more information then try our article titled What fire extinguisher do I need.

How often should my fire equipment be serviced?

Each type of fire equipment has a different service schedule. Our Services page provides a full answer to this question.

What is a Level 1 or 2 test?

Australian standards for the maintenance of fire protection equipment, AS1851, requires the use of a “date tag” to identify when and what type of service was undertaken on a piece of fire equipment – such as a fire extinguisher.

To simplify the notations of these tags numbers 1 through 4 are used to represent different time intervals.

• 1-6 monthy test
• 2-12 monthy/annual test
• 3-3 yearly test
• 4-6 yearly test.

And 5 is used to represent when a fire extinguisher is recharged.

What is a level 4 test of a fire extinguisher?

A level 4 service is conducted every 6 years (or 5 years on buildings approved after May 2015).  This test is to ensure that the cylinder is structurally sound.

The test includes:

  • Depressurising the cylinder
  • Removing the extinguisher head and replacing all O-rings
  • Removing the extinguishing agent from the fire extinguisher
  • Inspecting the cylinder for damage and rust
  • Testing the cylinder to ensure that it is structurally sound
  • Rebuilding the fire extinguisher
  • Re-pressurisation of the fire extinguisher
Do I need Training in Emergency Response and Evacuation?

The Work Health and Safety Regulation in South Australia is very clear, Part 2—General workplace management, Division 4—Emergency plans, Clause 43 Duty to prepare, maintain and implement emergency plan says

“A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace”   and provide “information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.”

The Australian Standard for preparing Emergency Plans is AS3745-2010 Planning For Emergencies In Facilities. Section 6 – Training details what is required for different roles and frequency to ensure skills retention.  For Wardens training should be repeated every 6 months and for general occupants/staff at least once a year.

For more details have a look at Our Article titled “Emergency Plans”

Our team can assist you develop a training program for your staff, just give us a call.

What areas do you service?

Fire & Emergency Services SA staff service fire equipment in the following areas of South Australia:

  • Adelaide
  • Gawler
  • Barossa
  • Northern rural areas out to Pt Wakefield, Clare and Burra
  • Adelaide Hills
  • Murray Bridge
  • Fleurieu Peninsula including McLaren Vale and Victor Harbor
  • Yorke Peninsula

Through relationships with companies in rural South Australia we can service sites throughout South Australia.

For a graphical representative of our service area

Do you do electrical test and tagging?

Currently Fire & Emergency Services SA do not conduct electrical test and tagging.